Szilveszter Csorba

Food chain data analyst

Szilveszter Csorba is an environmental engineer with agri-environment specific. He worked for the National Food Chain Safety Office (NÉBIH) and its predecessors for 11 years in various positions. Within the domain of soil protection, he participated in the development of analytical processes supporting official decisions, as well as in applied soil research. His most important tasks include issues of agricultural use of sewage sludge, risk of the usage of fertilizers in the food chain and hydrological properties of the soil examination in the light of the climate change. After that, he started to work as a food chain analyst where he is responsible for data analysing processes related to food chain data collection, data processing and data analysis by using advanced computer science methods (data and text mining, network research, machine learning).

Currently, he is a food chain data analyst at the department. His main research areas are development and implementation of complex data analysing methodologies, such as identification of emerging risks, as well as development of sectoral process analysis to achieve higher quality and higher level of food safety.

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