Tibor Kocsner DVM

Biosafety coordinator

Tibor Kocsner is a veterinarian, with a state administration and disease control specialisation. Worked as a privet veterinarian, as a pathologist at the Laboratory of biotoxicology of the Plant Health and Soil Protection Service. For 25 years he worked for the State Veterinary Service of Hungary at local, regional and ministry level in different positions (state veterinarian, veterinary specialist, advisor to the President of the National Food Chain Safety Office. He has more than 15 years of leadership experience at regional and ministry-level in state-administration.

As the Deputy Chief Veterinary Officer of Hungary, he developed the national regulation system of the food chain (soil protection, feeding, plant-, and animal health, food safety, customer protection and animal welfare), reformed the national organisational structure, and has adopted it internationally. Also, he changed the national subvention system of animal health with introduction of new forms, developed the whole legal background and payment protocols.

At the National Food Chain Safety his responsibility was to build up the 500 hours e-learning course of the official auxiliaries (for meat inspection).

In 2022, he joined to the team of DFI as a veterinarian. He takes part as a lecturer in the education of the Food Hygiene course, and also has responsibilities in the biosafety matters of the University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest.

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