Bacteria-killing, biodegradable food packaging material
Antibacterial, biodegradable packaging has been developed by researchers in Singapore that could replace plastic packaging materials.

The new material was made through a process called electro-spinning - where the compounds are drawn into tubes using electric force and turned into fibers. The material is made from corn protein, starch, and other naturally derived substances, and is infused with a cocktail of natural antimicrobial compounds such as the oil from thyme, and citric acid. The material is able to release the bacteria and fungi-killing compounds only when needed, such as when there is a rise in humidity.

Scientists are currently working to optimize the material’s manufacturing process and looking into other types of biopolymers - beyond corn protein - to create different forms of sustainable packaging that would help to manage the triple threats of food safety, food waste, and unsustainable packaging.

Given that the technology is new and that nanomaterials and essential oils come into direct contact with food, there is currently almost no information available on their risks.


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