Hazard versus risk
Often used synonymously, but the two have different meanings. EFSA's new mini campaign highlights the difference between the two concepts.

In the simplest terms, a hazard is something that has the potential to harm us, while risk is the likelihood of a hazard causing harm.

In terms of food safety, the definition of hazard is: "A biological, chemical or physical substance found in food or feed that can be harmful to health."

In relation to food safety, the definition of risk is: "The probability of a health-damaging effect occurring as a consequence of a hazard and the severity of the effect."

EFSA, together with Member States' food safety authorities, uses short videos to explain the difference in an easy-to-understand way for everyone. On EFSA's thematic webpage there are many examples taken from different areas of life to demonstrate the two concepts.

Nébih also participates in the campaign, they shared a short video on their social media platform.


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