CCMAS conference 2024
The 43rd FAO/WHO Codex Alimentarius Committee of Analytical and Sampling Methods (CCMAS) meeting took place in a hybrid framework this year from 13-18 May 2024.

The CCMAS was one of the first Codex Alimentarius Commission bodies to organise a hybrid conference: in addition to experts visiting Budapest, experts from all over the world were invited to participate. In addition, while in 2023 the meeting was only accessible online as a spectator, this year it was possible to actively participate in the development of the results from a distance. As a result, participation was also high, with 220 experts from nearly 70 countries and more than 15 organisations discussing the development of international standards for food safety.

The work of Dr. Attila Nagy (Nébih ÉLI) as chairman was supported for the third time by Dr. Zsuzsa Farkas, a colleague of the Department of Digital Food Science of the University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest, as vice-chair.

During the one-week conference, delegates were mostly asked to discuss new documents presented for the first time in the Commission. Most of the open working documents were closed before the 43rd session and adopted by the Codex Alimentarius General Committee at its meeting in Rome in November 2023.

Great progress has been made in the definition of performance criteria for nitrate and nitrite and in the development of test methods for precautionary allergen labelling, while an information document on the development of a methodology for the labelling of the nitrogen conversion factor has been adopted.

In addition, the CCMAS standing topics were also on the agenda: the review of the guide summarizing the sampling rules and the related application under development, as well as the review of the Standard No. 234 for Methods of Analysis in the areas of fruit juices, cereals and fish and fishery products. The latter two work packages were finalised by the end of the conference, and the Committee will continue its work on the revision of standards for products using cocoa and chocolate.

The FAO representative made a comprehensive presentation recommending to the delegates the harmonisation of methods for sampling and testing of microplastics in food. The standardisation organisations will continue to provide information to the Committee.

Following a successful conference, the guidelines and information documents developed by CCMAS will be adopted in November 2024 by the Codex Alimentarius General Committee, whose European Union region will be chaired by Dr. Attila Nagy, thanks to the Hungarian Presidency.

The next meeting of the CCMAS will take place between 5-9 May 2025 in Budapest.

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