Report on the 'Modern inspections with new technology' symposium
Dr. Zsuzsa Farkas participated at the symposium 'Modern inspections with new technology' organised by the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) in The Hague at the end of February.

The symposium mainly focused on the application of artificial intelligence and other data-driven methods in food and animal health inspections and other aspects of the food chain. In addition to specific research, the focus was on preparing for the expected changes in AI from a legal and regulatory perspective, and on the need for a change of approach and international cooperation.

The invitation to the symposium came via contacts through EFSA's scientific network on emerging risks. The organizers intention was to include the topic of identification of emerging risks using data analysis methods in the program as a plenary presentation. The presentation, which mainly focused on text mining methods, was followed by a lot of interest and positive feedback, with several questions immediately after the presentation and later during the breaks and social events.

         Digitalisation, artificial intelligence and other data analytical methods are increasingly penetrating scientific and regulatory tasks, and there is a growing need to complement traditional methods, as these methods not only help professionals, but their application also speeds up and refines investigations, and opens up new areas of research and the exploration of correlations.

One of the main activities of the Digital Food Institute is the identification of emerging risks and the development of related data analysis algorithms, which is of great international interest. Participation in symposia and conferences of this kind promotes the development of international contacts and thus the initiation of international publication collaborations and projects. 


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