Farm to Fork: EFSA provides recommendations to improve welfare of farmed pigs
EFSA has published a scientific opinion on the welfare of pigs on farm, the first of several opinions on animal welfare to be delivered in the coming year in the context of the Farm to Fork (F2F) strategy.

The opinion describes a total of 16 welfare consequences for different husbandry systems considered by EFSA’s experts to be highly relevant due to their severity, duration, and frequency of occurrence. These include restriction of movement, group, heat or cold stress, and prolonged hunger or thirst. Related animal-based measures (ABMs) and hazards leading to welfare consequences are also described in the opinion for each welfare consequence.

EFSA’s experts make a number of detailed recommendations, e.g. on tail biting, space allowance, enrichment material, weaning, and the practice of mutilations. The assessment follows a methodological guidance to be applied in animal welfare risk assessments, including farmed animals and animal transport.

On 26 September 2022, EFSA is holding a public event in which the results of the scientific opinion on the welfare of farmed pigs and the upcoming work on the transport of animals will be presented, including a Q&A session. Registration is open until 19 September 2022.

More information on the event:

Scientific opinion on the welfare of pigs on farm:


The news was shared by the EFSA Focal Point, run by Nébih and EFSA.


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