IAFP 2022 – Munich
After two years, the International Association for Food Protection’s European Symposium was held 4-6th May 2022 in Munich.

The conference was attended by over 200 participants from 23 countries, with experts from government, industry and academia. The attendees presented the latest research findings closely related to food safety, with a special focus on the risk assessment and risk management situations caused by Covid-19, with a view to how to prepare for the next unexpected event in the food sector. Participants could also listen to the latest research on detection methods, or listen several round table discussions with experts from different fields. During round tables specific topics discussed, such as the problems of monitoring of pathogens in the environment or how we can integrate new technologies (e.g. data analytics, artificial intelligence, whole genome sequencing) to make safer food.

The Institute was present with three presentations, as follows:

Ákos Jóźwiak, Zsuzsa Farkas, Tekla Engelhardt, Erika Országh, Szilveszter Csorba, Miklós Süth

Data Analysis for the Identification of Emerging Food Safety Risks

Ákos Jóźwiak

Data Science in Food Chain Safety Decision Making

Oktay Hakir, Csilla Mohácsi-Farkas, Tekla Engelhardt

Study of Listeria Innocua Heat Resistance after Sublethal Heat Treatment with MALDI-TOF”

The IAFP’s European Symposium webpage is available here.


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