World Food Safety Day 2022
This year's theme "Safer food, better health" highlights the role that safe, nutritional food plays in ensuring human health.

Safer food leads to better health. This obvious relationship has a truly complex background with many still unknown mechanisms. Safe food means less biological, chemical and physical contaminants, leading to more healthy life. However, a food without contaminants doesn't necessarily mean a high level of societal well-being, there are many other aspects to consider: sustainability and environmental impact, quality and nutritional impact, etc.

Food interacts with our body in multiple ways, however, our current understanding of the effect of food composition on human health is still not clear. There is a significant lack of data on the molecular level food composition, on the different interactions between food constituents, and between these ingredients and human genetic, physiological, and biochemical processes.

We need to invest in building up this knowledge base and develop a data driven research infrastructure for investigating the food-health interactions, contributing to a better and healthier life.


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