EFSA acknowledgement of UVMB’s designation for the update of the List of competent organisations
An updated list was published late last year.

Over 300 universities, institutes, governmental, public and other scientific bodies currently form a network of Member State organisations active in fields within the European Food Safety Authority’s (EFSA) mission. EFSA promotes ties between these organisations through coordination of joint activities, exchange of information, development and implementation of joint scientific projects. This networking further boosts the sharing of expertise and best practices in these scientific areas.

Only organisations on the List of Competent Organisations (also known as Article 36 List) are eligible to receive grants. The establishment of the List of Competent Organisations designated by Member States is required under Article 36 of EFSA’s founding regulation.

EFSA’s Management Board, following the procedure set out in Commission Regulation (EC) No 2230/2004, adopted an updated List on 14 October 2021. An updated list was published in the Official Journal Notice on 8 November (2021/C 451 I/01). This opens up new opportunities for the UVMB.

The current calls for proposals can be found here.


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