HOLiFOOD - Another research project receives funding
Recently, another Horizon Europe project has been awarded funding, in which our University is a consortium member.

The overall objective of HOLiFOOD (Holistic approach for tackling food systems risks in a changing global environment /HORIZON-CL6-2021-FARM2FORK-01-15/) is to improve the integrated food safety risk analysis (RA) framework in Europe to

  • meet future challenges arising from Green Deal policy driven transitions in particular in relation to climate driven changes,
  • contribute to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals and
  • support the realization of a truly secure and sustainable food production.

HOLiFOOD will apply a system approach, which take the whole environment into account in which food is being produced, including economic, environmental and social aspects. Three supply chains will be considered (i.e. cereals [maize], legumes [lentils] and poultry [chicken]). Artificial Intelligence (AI) and big data technologies will be used in the development of early warning and emerging risks prediction systems for known and unknown food safety hazards.

In addition, tools, methods and approaches will be developed for hazard detection and will be targeted and non-targeted and new holistic risk assessment methods will be develop in which food safety risk will be embedded in a comprehensive cost-benefit analysis of the food system including positive and negative health, environment and economic dimensions.

The project is a consortium of 17 organisations, led by Wageningen Food Safety Research (The Netherlands). The University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest is the only Hungarian partner in the project, which has a duration of 48 month.

The University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest – under the coordination of the Digital Food Institute – will be primarily involved in the development of data-driven forecasting systems and methods for identifying emerging risks, as well as risk-benefit and cost-benefit analyses.


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