New scientific publication available
A systematic literture review was carried out with the participation of our staff.

The staff of DFI participates as external experts in the data analysis and risk assessment tasks of the a project "Estimation of the long- and short-term exposure of Hungarian consumers to Aflatoxins present in dairy products and recommending risk management measures" (2018-1.2.1-NKP-2018-00002) implemented by NÉBIH and the University of Debrecen. The resulting publication, which includes a systematic literature review and analysis of the effects of interventions aiming at aflatoxin reduction at the feed production and animal feeding phases of the milk value chain, was published in early February in a special issue of the journal Toxins.

The paper aims to help feed producers, farmers and relevant stakeholders to get an overview of the most suitable aflatoxin mitigation options, which is extremely important in the near future as climate change will likely be accompanied by elevated mycotoxin levels.

The pubication with the title ’A Systematic Review of the Efficacy of Interventions to Control Aflatoxins in the Dairy Production Chain—Feed Production and Animal Feeding Interventions’ is available free of charge at the following link:


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