New publications from our colleagues
Recently, two scientific publications on aflatoxins have been published by our staff, the details of which can be found here.

The special issue of Frontiers in Microbiology on mycotoxins produced by Aspergillus fungi published a paper by our colleagues entitled "Probabilistic modeling and risk characterization of the chronic aflatoxin M1 exposure of Hungarian consumers".

The publication presents the first probabilistic risk assessment methodology for mycotoxins, which provides a more accurate and sophisticated picture of the aflatoxin exposure of the Hungarian population compared to the often used deterministic risk assessment methodologies. The results suggest that the young consumer age group is at risk of exposure to the carcinogen aflatoxin M1 even at low levels of contamination, but the study only reveals a small part of the problem, as other aflatoxin compounds and other mycotoxins also contribute to adverse health effects.

The KNIME workflow used for the analysis can be downloaded here: Integrated risk assessment workflow.

The article titled „Carry-Over of Aflatoxin B1 from Feed to Cow Milk—A Review” authored by our colleagues was published in early 2023, in which the factors of the transfer of aflatoxins from contaminated feed to cow milk are analyzed.

The conversion of aflatoxin B1 in feed consumed by cows into aflatoxin M1 in their milk poses a challenge to food safety, with milk being a popular staple food and because of the harmful effects of these compounds. This study aimed at reviewing scientific information about the extent of carry-over of AFB1 from feed to milk. Specific factors influencing transfer rates, including milk yield, somatic cell counts, aflatoxin B1 intake, source of contamination, seasonal effects, particle size of feed, and the effects of certain interventions, namely vaccination and the use of adsorbents, are identified as the most important and are discussed in this review. Furthermore, the different mathematical formulas describing carry-over and instances of their application are reviewed as well.


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