Our colleague's trip abroad was very fruitful
In March, our colleague Zsuzsa Farkas PhD participated as an expert in the Future Food & Feed Lab workshop organised by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

The workshop's aim was to test and discuss the results of a methodology EFSA have developed to detect early signals of emerging risks. More in-depth discussion was carried out on the four selected sub-topics for which weak signals were retrieved:

  • Cell culture-derived meat;
  • Nanotechnology;
  • Novel feed;
  • Edible insects.

Zsuzsa Farkas PhD was assigned to the group on edible insects. Most of the work was done in the groups, but at the same time it was also possible to see the work of the other groups and take part in the technical discussions. In addition to the early signals identified by the methodology they developed, EFSA was also interested in the knowledge of experts on the topics, and the early signals they proposed were discussed and complemented the signals they had found earlier. Given that one of the main activities of DFI is the identification of emerging risks, our colleague was able to provide useful information during the workshop and to support EFSA's further work, both in terms of methodology and weak signals.

The workshop was attended by a number of eminent experts, meaningful professional discussions were held, which will further the Institute's work and provided good feedback on its importance. Useful information was added to the Institute's knowledge, and international contacts were made that will facilitate project applications through professional collaborations. Similar workshops and project proposals on this topic can be expected in the future.


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